During his statement to the press on Friday afternoon,  Carolina’s newly appointed Interim Head Football Coach, Everett Withers, referred to a quote which he said had hung on his wall for a couple of years: 
Things turn out best
for the people who
make the best
of the way
things turn out.

John Wooden
It was a perfect choice for the occasion – an encouraging nudge for all in the Carolina community right now.
In support of Withers, we’ve have made it our Quote of the Week
It’s also perfect for the launch of Mistake Management Month – an annual Business Class tradition during which we observe the way individuals, leaders and teams manage mistakes – and the resulting impact on their organizations.   The purpose is to promote the benefits and how-to’s of masterful mistake management  which has a way of helping people make the best of the way things turn out.

I’ll share a few stories during the month.  Would love to hear from you too.  Got any stories to share about a mistake you, a colleague or vendor made and how it was handled? 

Please share below or send it to Jan@Chapelboro.com.