the merchWhether its 60 or 90 degrees, there’s one article of clothing that crosses seasons and is a mandatory accessory fit for every body. The tee shirt. The everyday t-shirt identifies your cool, gives away your politics and tattles your agenda. Some are obvious mobile billboards that advertise your likes from sports team to superhero. Latest polls suggest your average Jane and Joe have about 30 tees and we can’t seem to get enough of them.

Carrboro’s The Merch is the local spot for custom designs to represent you. I visited the super-creative trio in their shop. The feeling of a man cave meets garage band hits you as soon as I stepped through the door. The decor included large band posters, Luchadora masks, and a drum kit in the corner. According to Chip, he and Patrick as co-owners, originally set out to provide tee shirts to bands. It was a pairing of two things they both loved, music and design, that came with one small financial hitch: bands didn’t have much of a budget. But fortunately word got around that they were creating quality products at a great price with quick turnaround times. The two pro’s have an accumulated 20+ years in screen printing.

the merchChip took me quickly through the process in six steps:
1. Draw – draw the design
2. Print – a Laser printer burns the image between two pieces of plastic to create a film positive
3. Expose – an Emulsified screen gets exposed to light
4. Light – light makes a stencil around the screen negative
5. Wash – wash the screen clean
6. Dry – dry the screen
Their top selling shirts are the ones that show Carrboro’s pride.

Next time you’re in the market for a new tee with an awesome design, stop by The Merch.