As North Carolina readies for four momentous political events — local elections this Fall, statewide and federal primary elections next May, Charlotte’s hosting of the Democratic National Convention in September 2012, and the General Election two months later — “Beyond the Headlines” host Hampton Dellinger talks with political and policy experts about what might happen and why.

The first episode (presented in two parts below) focuses on recent events shaping the current political and policy context including the General Assembly’s long session and the stories the mainstream media missed. Featuring: Ruth Sheehan, former News & Observer columnist and now UNC law student; Zack Hawkins, schoolteacher, UNC researcher, and former chair of the NC Young Democrats; and Ken Lewis, attorney and former US Senate candidate from Chapel Hill.

1360 WCHL and hope you enjoy “Kitchen Politics”. There is great food for thought…and you can’t beat the price!

Part One:

Part Two: