iPhone 5 has just been announced (because you didn’t know!) and it’s pretty amazing from the point of view of a ten-year-old. Why? Well, all of the new features for adults can also benefit kids.


How? Well, the first thing is that the larger screen and better processor mean games look better and react more quickly. The new processor also means that games can go where no game has gone before in terms of graphics.

The new screen also does something else for kids (and for you too) in that movies can now play in full widescreen, utilizing every pixel (pixels are what displays use to, well, display) of the gorgeous Retina display.
Speaking of Retina displays, what does that mean? Apple’s definition is a screen where if you’re holding it 10-15 inches away from your eyes, you can’t tell the pixels apart. But really, it’s hard to see the pixels right up against your eyes!
The iPhone is only seven millimeters taller, but the screen got a whole lot taller than that. It now uses more of the iPhone body. But the ingenious thing is that Apple didn’t make it wider, just taller. That way, you can still use one hand to operate it.
And yes, the iPhone now does incorporate blazingly fast 4G LTE data*, meaning that wherever you have 4G coverage, you’ll surf the web, download email, and everything else much faster.
Now here’s an example of how far Apple goes to get the best quality product it can. The main iPhone body is loaded onto a conveyor belt. A really high quality camera quickly snaps a shot of it. An instantaneous analysis is completed and the best fitting part out of 725 matches is chosen to join the body. That’s pretty cool.
What are your thoughts on the iPhone 5? Will you be getting one? (I won’t, because my parents say I’m not old enough yet!) Let me know in the comments below.
LTE is not available everywhere, just like normal data and cell service. Check your carrier’s website to see if your area is covered.