Sigh. I know what’s bringing you down. Forget the clingy heat, forget the fact the worst of the summer sun is still to come and that is making this Monday drag on just a little longer than you like. You’re bummed that you didn’t score tickets to Farm to Fork this coming weekend. That sad song is sooo 2009. 

I’m hear to share the good news, pal. TerraVITA Food & Wine Event is right around the corner, and tickets are still available for Chapel Hill’s premier sustainable food and beverage celebration taking place on Saturday, September 24th, 2011. In 2010, TerraVITA founder Colleen Minton and her crew brought together more than 30 of North Carolina’s best restaurants, producers and shops including Herons at the Umstead Hotel (Cary), French Broad Chocolate Lounge (Asheville), Chef & the Farmer (Kinston) and 3Cups (Chapel Hill). The chef/owners and proprietors offered samples and quick explanations of their food and sustainability practices at what had to be the finest buffet of sustainable food and beverages in the state. 

This year promises to be even better. Based on audience feedback, Ms. Minton found a creative response to attendees’ interest in more programming and more education at the event. Her solution? The Sustainable Classroom. In addition to the Grand Tasting on the Green that will be held at Southern Village from 1:00pm – 4:00pm, this year attendees have the option to buy tickets to a series of educational sessions lasting approximately 35 minutes per class. Four sessions are included in the ticket price, and tickets for The Sustainable Classroom just went on sale today. Currently the Classroom series is planning to cover topics ranging from the reasons behind why you should spend that extra $ on natural wines to the reasons why your locally sourced, grass fed steak costs $30 (topics subject to change).

Furthermore, leading experts from across the state and around the country are in the pipeline, so be sure to check the official event website, for updates. The class descriptions are still in progress and should be posted by the end of this week, but early buyers to The Sustainable Classroom will be rewarded with their first choice in the session selections. Click here for additional event details. 

But what does all this good news mean if you can’t afford to go? Pish posh, wipe off that frown. insiders and Orange Zest fans like you deserve a little reward, and you definitely need to add this event to your fall calendar. So. I’m here to do what any good friend would do: give you a discount code. 

To receive $5 off the purchase of The Sustainable Classroom tickets only, use the code TVECLASS1. 
To receive 15% off the purchase of any of the other tickets (Grand Tasting on the Green, Designated Driver, or Combined Tasting and Classroom tickets), use the code TVEFOOD. NOTE: The 15% off discount code expires at midnight on June 21st, so share that with your friends and family today! 

FULL DISCLOSURE: Last year I had such a blast as a volunteer at TerraVITA that this year I was able to land a spot assisting with programming for the event. Score for insiders! I’ll be sure to keep you posted on the latest news for TerraVITA as we get closer to Saturday, September 24th. 

Take a moment to leave a comment about your experience at TerraVITA Food & Wine Event in 2010. What’s bringing you back to the event this year?