I have a love/hate relationship with summer, especially now that there is a child involved.  I love pools.  I hate having to smear sunscreen all over everyone and the inevitable crying that comes when it gets in the eyes.  I love that sprinklers in the backyard are hours of easy, free amusement.  I hate that when it gets too hot or when it rains, inside activities are back on the agenda and I am scrambling for ideas. 

But one thing that has no downside, as far as I am concerned, when it comes to summer in this area is the local music.

Now I don’t talk music like Ron Stutts does over at his blog.  But on my blog I put together our annual list of ongoing summer events.  And it makes me so excited.  It is my sit-here-scratching-my-mosquito-bites-but-remembering-why-I-love-this-place moment.  It’s one of the reasons why we’re in this area to begin with.  During the summer you can see free music every day from Thursday through Sunday.  It goes something like this:

Thursdays: Weaver Street After-Hours Music, Locally Grown, OR the new University Mall Sweet Carolina Concert Series
Fridays: Back Porch at Bynum OR Carolina Inn’s Fridays on the Front Porch (depends on which side of the porch you prefer, it seems)
Saturdays: Saxapahaw Summer Music Series OR head over to Southpoint and combine errands and dining with their Music on Main series
Sundays: Weaver Street Jazz Brunch

How incredible is that list?

I know, not all of the talent is going to be seen on the Grammys anytime soon.  Although you never know (Carolina Chocolate Drops anyone?).  But isn’t it great to support local talent and your community?  Plus if they do hit it big you can always say “I knew them when…”

And think how fabulous all of this is for kids.  I love that I will be raising my family in an area that appreciates music.  Because at all of these venues people dance and frolic.  Proving that music is something to enjoy, revel in, and live in.  Not just sit stodgily and listen to.

Not to mention how many different types of music my child will be exposed to if we can keep up the exhausting schedule as listed above: bluegrass, jazz, beach music, zydeco, rockabilly, and who knows what else.

So I say to the 100 degrees, the mosquitoes, the thunderstorms, and my wilting hair: BRING IT ON.  I’ll be at The Weave watching my child dance to music and drinking a beer.