Karl Rove has stated that the Republicans can win swing states like North Carolina by “reducing black turnout by one-quarter of one. In a column he wrote in the Wall Street Journal in June of 2011, he said, “even a small drop in the share of black voters would wipe out [Obama’s] winning margin in North Carolina.
He is not suggesting that black voters should be convinced to vote for Romney; he’s winking at the GOP operators and suggesting a winning strategy based on voter theft.

Veteran BBC journalist Greg Palast has been covering election shenanigans since the 2000 debacle in Florida. After acquiring and hacking into computer disks from the office of Secretary of State Katherine Harris, he went through the list of 91,000 purported felons who were not allowed to vote and found a grand total of zero actual felons. As he reported, “most were guilty of VWB: Voting While Black.”

He followed the vote purging of 2004 & 2008 and discovered that 5.9 million legitimate votes cast in 2008 were never counted. Furthermore he learned that, if you are a black voter, there is a seven times greater chance that your vote will be”spoiled”. He predicts that the 2012 election will be much worse.
His latest discovery is that Karl Rove is joining his computer-data-mining system, called DataTrust, with a similar system, called Themis, set up the Koch brothers. After scouring US Election Assistance Commission data, he also found that 22 million names had been purged from the voter rolls in the last two years. In California, the former GOP Secretary of State blocked 42 percent of newly registered voters. Hispanic registration has actually dropped by 1 million since 2008, despite aggressive voter registration drives.
If there is one thing a follower of current events cannot dismiss, it’s the “by any means necessary” mindset of the corporate elite who strive to tighten their control of our society. This illegal voter purging has and will occur in North Carolina. Here in Orange County, we need to ensure that all of our voters can exercise their right.