This week I am reminded of those often 4.5 million unsung frontline caregivers that provide hands-on care to our country’s frail, elderly, or chronically challenged in hospitals, private homes and other long term care settings.  These heroes go by various titles such as nursing assistants, nurse aides, care assistants or in-home aides.  However, they all have one thing in common, and that is their key role in promoting and safeguarding the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well-being of the residents, clients, and families they serve.
Did You Know June 16-20 is Nursing Assistant’s Week?

June 16th began the
nationwide observance of Nursing Assistant’s Week to provide us an opportunity to recognize and thank those individuals who provide this important role in our health care system.  Our nation’s nursing assistants have chosen an occupation that offers them low pay, little recognition and most often, physically and emotionally demanding work…for what?  If you ask them, it is because that was what they were called to do; to provide comfort, care and show compassion to those they serve.  As a nursing home administrator, a registered nurse and American, I salute these men and women.  The wellbeing and happiness of our most vulnerable citizens depend in large part on nursing assistants who provide daily, conscientious, hands-on care.
I urge everyone in joining me in celebrating this week of national observance of Nursing Assistants and to express appreciation and gratitude for the service performed by these caregivers in the public good.
Guest Author: Doug Oliver, RN, LNHA