Lots of exciting comic book and comic-book-related stuff to talk about this week!

–To follow up on last week’s Star Wars chat: Harrison Ford IS interested in being involved! Now I am officially MILDLY EXCITED about the prospect of new Star Wars movies (previously I was CAUTIOUSLY OPTIMISTIC). Bonus Star Wars talk—Here’s an AV Club Random Roles with Mark Hamill, where he talks Star Wars and Batman The Animated Series.

–To follow up on two weeks ago, when I talked about the latest X-Men movie, there is some interesting behind-the-scenes stuff going on, so that Bryan Singer will be directing the upcoming Days of Future Past movie with Matthew Vaughn producing. This news seemed a little weird at first, but it seems like Vaughn will be working on another one of his comic-book-related projects instead.  I am less enthusiastic about this news, because I really like what Vaughn did with X-Men: First Class and have mixed feelings about Singer’s take on the characters  (he directed the first two X-Men movies ten years ago). On the other hand, at least he’s not Brett Ratner (who directed the extremely terrible X-Men: The Last Stand).

–Art Speigelman has mixed feelings about his success—this is news to no one. But what is new is that there’s a documentary about him

–I’ve talked about digital comics before, and DC just really went for it, making their monthly series available on just about every digital format. I’m not really that interested in reading comics on my (extremely beloved) Kindle Paperwhite, but if I had a larger color tablet, I might be a little bit tempted (if it didn’t feel like A HUGE BETRAYAL of my favorite local comic book store).

–Speaking of my favorite local comic book store, if you’re into My Little Pony, come to Chapel Hill Comics’ PONY PARTY!!!! It’s on December 1st and they’ll have the first issue of the new MLP comic and other stuff (I plan on getting more of the MLP blind bag figures, because the eight I have in my office aren’t enough).

–Neil Gaiman is writing another ep of Dr Who, and it’ll have Cybermen AND Warwick Davis. Does anyone else remember that movie Willow? I totally had the novelization of that movie, cementing my status as a HUGE NERD (as though there was ever any doubt).

Neil DeGrasse Tyson meets Superman!! Seriously, you all should follow him on Twitter, he’s very funny and profound.

–And finally, Publishers’ Weekly has announced their list of the best graphic novels of 2012. It seems a little early for a best of the year list—I’ll have mine in December—but it’s got a couple pretty good titles.