short list winners

The votes are in and it’s official, the winner of June’s Short List for “The Best Place for a Frozen Treat” in Chapelboro is Maple View Farm!



Happy Cows are said to live on the West Coast, but Maple View Farm would argue they live off the East Coast too, right near Hillsborough in fact. Their famed ice cream, milk and butter wouldn’t be possible without the Holsteins, a black and white variety of cow hailing from the Netherlands. Numbering around 300 animals, they are the farm’s pride and joy, with each and every cow getting an individual name.

Speaking of individual cows, each and every cow produces eight gallons of milk per day, averaging 26,000 pounds of milk or 50,000 glasses of milk per year. The great taste of Maple View Farm’s sweet and creamy ice cream, milk and butter is due to the herd’s free grazing as well as feeding them a complimentary grain mix. Maple View Farm treats its animals with good ole TLC and it shows up in their delicious eats!

The Country Store ice cream showcases 12 signature flavors as well as monthly special flavors such as June’s Brownie Explosion, Banana Puddin’ and Grapenuts. And if ice cream isn’t your thing, Maple View also serves up hand dipped yogurt and sorbet. So head on over to Hillsborough where you’ll find happy cows, happy ice cream and as a result, happy people. Tweet Maple View Farm @mapleviewfarm or visit their Facebook.

Also on the Short List

Planting a store in each point of the Triangle, Loco Pops is a place you’d be crazy to pass up. Hand crafted dairy based and non-dairy based frozen popsicles are reminiscent of the carefree days of childhood brought to life. Keeping Fido in mind, Loco Pops also carries special pops for pups making the whole family happy and refreshed. Tweet Loco Pops @locopops or visit their Facebook.

“Ciao, bella,” and “Delizioso” are expressions you may hear from customers at Chapel Hill’s Sugarland where Italian ice cream, or gelato, is served up in 24 different flavors. Have a gluten allergy or want something dairy free? Sugarland has that covered! Most of the flavors are gluten-free and about half are dairy-free. If you want something more adult, Sugarland even has gelato martinis — the perfect frozen treat after a long day at the pool. Tweet Sugarland @sugarlandtweets or visit their Facebook.

Proud to be North Carolinian, the Tar Heel Creamery produces and distributes ultra premium small batch ice creams, sorbets and other frozen desserts. Boasting a range of flavors from the classics, chocolate and vanilla, to more unique blends such as espresso cookie and bourbon caramel, the Tar Heel Creamery invites you to enjoy the delectable dairy either at their store on Weaver Street in Carrboro or at home in their 2.5 gallon tubs. Tweet the Tar Heel Creamer @TarHeelCreamery or visit their Facebook.

What goes with Franklin Street better than Carolina Blue? Fresh yogurt from The Yogurt Pump of course! Serving dairy delights to Orange County since 1982, The Yogurt Pump considers its yogurt a form of edible art — always on the cutting edge of “truly remarkable flavors,” like their signature Ghiradelli chocolate and red velvet cake. At only 10 calories per ounce, The Yogurt Pump is not only a great place for frozen treats but a healthy place as well. Tweet The Yogurt Pump @theyogurtpump or visit their Facebook.

So there you have it – the top five places for a Frozen Treat in Chapel Hill-Carrboro. Check back for the next Short List category and voting! And remember, YOU decide!