Personally I’m all for a big house for all of us. As the saying goes, “home is where the heart is” and in a big house there is plenty of space to spread out and try different things.  In a big house we can designate whole rooms for certain purposes such as the TV room, the gym, the library, and, of course, the ever so important bowling alley room. As we learned from the three little pigs, houses built with bricks last longer and are stronger than those built with straw so everyone gets a solid brick house as well. The bottom line: A great home should feel comfortable, uncluttered, welcoming and solidly built.

If our homes are where we physically live, our relationships are where we emotionally live. Relationships are the houses of the soul. Walking into a good relationship should feel a bit homey and there should be lots of space to grow. Whether it is the relationship we have with ourselves or others, relationships have the power to expand our lives or, conversely, to make us feel constrained. Relationships built with solid bricks like trust, love, and respect far outlive those built with the straw of appearances. In a good relationship we have plenty of space to explore different aspects of our personality without compromising the integrity of the structure.

Think about your own relationships. Are they cluttered with junk that needs to be thrown out? Are they solid or liable to collapse if a big gust of wind comes along? Are they big enough for all of your fabulousness?