I know, I know: just last week I was trying to stay away from getting all excited about superhero movie news. But with the whole Joss Whedon being officially on board not just for Avengers 2 but for an Avengers TV show, I couldn’t contain myself!

First of all, it’s hard to go wrong with a Joss Whedon TV show, especially one about people with powers. Second of all, I’m with TV critic Alan Sepinwall in hoping to finally see that Jessica Jones series. Seriously, a PI with a superheroine past and ties to the Avengers is a goldmine, and I would watch the heck out of that show with Whedon behind it. (Also, if you haven’t read Alias yet, get on it! It’s available in two handy volumes now, and it’s great.)
And in non-superhero news, check out Matt Madden on the evolution of comics in 6 panels.
And in only barely comic-book-related news (there is actually a tie-in to comics!), I am getting super excited about the new season of Doctor Who. Current head writer/showrunner Steven Moffatt is occasionally heavy-handed and likes to re-use tropes (The Doctor meeting women at various times throughout their childhoods/adulthoods, disembodied voices of the dead, etc), but I still love the show and am especially excited about a few teases from the upcoming season, particularly this one (SPOILERS, as River Song would say!)

And, in case you were wondering, there are currently no plans for a Doctor Who movie.
Just to tie all this together –Doctor Who, movies and the Avengers– the original Doctor from the modern era, Christopher Eccleston, is going to play the villain in the next Thor movie. I love the sci-fi universe!