It’s a new year, and that means lots of exciting new comics to look forward to!

First, let’s talk about some specific comics/graphic novels I’m excited about.

–Bryan Lee O’Malley, one of my favorites, has a BRAND-NEW graphic novel, Seconds, due out sometime in the fall. Following up Scott Pilgrim will inevitably be tough, but I have great faith in O’Malley’s abilities. Plus the art looks ADORABLE. And anyway, new volumes of Color Scott Pilgrim will be coming out in 2013 too!

Nothing Could Possibly Go Wrongthis is being serialized online RIGHT NOW and is super cute and entertaining. It involves class elections and robot wars! It’ll be published in May and will leave the internet then.

–Miriam Katin’s Letting It Go, a sequel to her graphic novel Holocaust memoir We Are On Our Own (which is sadly underrated and not talked about much, but which is still beautiful), dealing with her emotions when her son moves to Berlin.

–New Sandman! College nerd Alicia of twelve years ago is SUPER EXCITED about this.

–Plus plenty of other stuff—the conclusion of Locke and Key, ongoing series I love like Fables and Unwritten, more Princeless, etc.

Second, some possible trends for the new year!

–With the success of the Adventure Time and My Little Pony comics, I fully expect more tie-in comics to be announced this year—hopefully of the same quality.

–And speaking of tie-ins, I have to think that now that Disney owns Star Wars, we’ll see some new things for that comic book universe.

–Digital comics! This has been blowing up recently and I fully expect that trend to continue. Comixology is the number one iPad app and is expanding into creator-submitted titles. DC has made its comics available for Kindle and is even releasing digital-first comics. And it looks like even Archie will be exploring digital in the near future.

–Kickstarter! Especially with the success of projects like the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Hamlet book and Big Feminist But, crowd-sourcing is going to be even more prominent in 2013, I’m sure. Creators are very on board with this, too. It’s an easy (well, easier) way to get books published than through traditional publishers, and I think there will be some cool projects coming out this year.

Yay for a new year and new comics!

(Thumbnail by tmatt1075 via Flickr)