In the spirit of Thanksgiving, this is the week for my post to get heavy. 

While catching up on my blog backlog, I read a great piece from Good* about the Eight Foods You Should Stock Up On Before Climate Change Takes Them Away. And. It. Was. Scary. 

Being a food-oriented person in Chapel Hill is easy – lots of people like to geek out about their favorite specials at The Pig or Lantern (OMG! She posted her recipe for White Sweet Potato Soup!) We love our locavorism, but as dozens of folks on the chowhound board prove, we have resources that provide us with obscure hard to find items from around the globe like Ajvar at Mariakakis Fine Food and Wine, yogurt soda from Jahan International Market and Landjaeger, ahem Southern Season – woot woot! 

I’m definitely part of the takey takey takey, buy buy buy consumer culture that sucks in food people so quickly – perhaps even Queen. The Eight Foods article gave me a chance to stop and think about the big BIG picture things I like to forget when I’m scouting out the best burger in town. And of course, it also made me think about my favorite places to find these 8 items to stock up on before climate change takes them away. Old habits…

Bread –  Chicken Bridge Bakery at the Carrboro Farmers’ Market (naan and gougeres!)
Coffee –  Joe Van Gogh kiosk now at University Mall 
Chocolate – A Southern Season 
Bourbon – The Crunkleton 
Wine – 3Cups (wine, drinking chocolate, food trucks, fresh NC seafood = my devotion)
Honey – Chapel Hill Bees 
Agave – Weaver Street Market 
Peanuts – Big Spoon Roasters at the Carrboro Farmers’ Market

*Good is a fantastic, crunchy, online magazine, not a blog.