Recently I had award winning author Laura Adams, aka “Money Girl” on the Art of Potential show to share easy ways to maximize your hard earned money. She authors the top-rated Money Girl podcast that has been downloaded over 10 million times; to listen to a podcast of our interview click here.  Laura has taken some of her simple tips as well as helpful websites and provided us with (drumroll): 
Five Hassle-Free Ways to Save Money
by Laura Adams
Saving money doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does require you to scrutinize your expenses. Here are 5 tips for hassle-free ways to cut costs and save money:
Tip #1: Update Your Banking
Shop around for a better checking or savings account that pays you more interest and charges zero fees. The best bank accounts reimburse ATM fees, never charge for debit cards or paper checks, have no minimum balance requirement, offer free online bill pay, and are FDIC-insured. Find a high-yield account at sites like and
Tip #2: Optimize Credit Card Debt
Why pay more interest that you absolutely have to? If you’re carrying a balance on a high interest credit card, learn more about moving it to a less expensive card or using a balance transfer card to save hundreds or thousands of dollars in interest each year. Search for money-saving credit cards at sites like and
Tip #3: Cut Household Expenses
Take a hard look at what household expenses can be reduced or eliminated. Here are some ideas:
·         Ditch your telephone land line and go cellular
·         Find options for lower-priced TV packages or cancel your paid service altogether
·         Always cook with a microwave oven when you can (they use much less power than a traditional oven)
·         Watch your thermostat so it stays close to 78 degrees or above in the summer 
·         Invest in energy-efficient appliances when you need to replace an old one
Tip #4: Keep Your Car
Cars are rotten investments that leave you poorer, not richer. Make a commitment to keep your car for at least 5 years and then to buy a used vehicle that’s in good condition.
Tip #5: Automate Your Savings
A smart way to set money aside is to use a preset payroll deduction to invest in a workplace retirement account. You can also ask your employer to split your check into multiple direct deposits so a portion of your paycheck goes into a savings account. If you’re self-employed, use online banking to set up a recurring transfer to deposit money into a high-interest savings account or an Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA)

To learn more about Laura you can read her book Money Girl’s Smart Moves to Grow Rich. To learn more about the Art of Potential show be sure to visit our website.