It’s true what KIit  FitzSimons said in his article Climb It Control.

I have taken a Fifth Ape class.  Yes – right there in the  Forest Theatre, I ran and skipped and jumped up and down and across.  And after at least twenty tries, succeeded in jumping off a wall and landing on a 2 by 4 without falling off of it.  Yes – I stuck it.  Like a gymnast.   Well – sort of. 
After that, I picked up a tree, put it on my shoulder and walked across the stage at Forest Theatre. 

The crowd roared.  Or it would have had there been one.

By the way – that’s not me in the photo but I looked kind of like that.  Maybe a tad older.

And you know who else was there that day?

Chapelboro Fashion Plate blogger – Kristin Tucker. 

Of course, her outfit was far  more stylish than mine, but she stuck it too.   And she carried a tree across the stage and once again the crowd roared.

From there we did loop-the-loops in a tree like monkeys.

It’s not fair though.  We did NOT go to Coldstone Creamery for ice cream the way Kit’s class did.  So that means I must go back!

Talk about good business….

Colin Pistell is mixing work and play – doing business he loves.  Offering little tastes of it for free each Saturday morning. Building a community with his various meetups and potluck suppers.

And what about Kit?!  What a fabulous way to celebrate life – with his commitment to trying a new experience each week and share it with the Chapelboro community.

In case you missed them, in his article, Kit shared these  seven tenets of the official Experience Junkie:

  1. Try something new.
  2. Challenge yourself.
  3. Be unique…
  4. …or find a unique way to do something common.
  5. Get involved and/or learn something.
  6. Share the experience with others.
  7. Get excited.

What about trying a version of this in your business?

You could try a new process, a new package combo, a new kind of coffee in the coffee machine or a different color marker on the white board.

Or do something new like celebrate National Ice Cream Day on Monday.  Or Lollipop Day on Friday.  Or National Pickle Month.   Ideas and more celebrations for July listed here.

What about sharing Kit’s article with your entire team?  And then inviting them to share any new experiences they try at an upcoming staff meeting.  Maybe some of them will decide to try something new together.

Or maybe the whole team could do something like attend a Fifth Ape session on Saturday morning, celebrate Stick Out Your Tongue Day (July 19) or climb a wall at The Triangle Training Center.

You wouldn’t have to do something new every week.
You could shoot for once a month.
Or once a quarter.

Or even just once could bring a shift, an aha  or even a break through.
Breaking through barriers and boredom. 
Bringing a boost in energy, confidence, morale, productivity and overall performance.
So that you and your team can do good business – better business.

copyright 2012 by Business Class Inc

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