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Okay, parents, summer ain’t over ‘til the fat lady sings…or at least until that school bell rings…or that yellow school bus brings tears to your eyes as it rolls down the road… tears of JOY. But let’s talk about ways you can eek out some last minute end-of-summer bliss in our area:

– Try out the NC Zoo. It is so beautiful and accessible. I think every family in NC should go a couple of times a year. Of course, every family in NC DOES seem to go a couple times a year, so it can be crowded. But whenever we show up early and plan to leave right after lunch we bound around seemingly alone. The Dinosaurs are still in existence now, too, (the exhibit’s not extinct yet!) so lots of fun to be had.

– Enjoy some end-of-summer midday sweet treats. Go to LocoPops or head to Durham to try out The Parlour (if you haven’t already). Of course, long-standing The Yogurt Pump still serves Franklin Street. Get some cold sweets and languidly walk around campus on one of these last long-enduring summer evenings.

The Art of the Brick is in Graham, NC for a special 3-month tour. Want to expose your kids to some art? Take a day trip one of these final summer days and see the LEGO wonder for yourself.

Take some time to get wet! Of course, I shared my tips about enjoying Jordan Lake in a previous Chapelboro article. But did you know that Chapel Hill has a FREE public pool? Jump in while you can!

– If you want to be really wild and crazy, hit the road to jump on the beach! Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach are closer than you might think (or want to tell your kids). A long day trip to dip those toes in the sand one last time? Might be worth it. I first fell in love with this particular area about five years ago and can’t stay away.

That’s what I am considering as the last bittersweet days of summer tick by. School is back so very, very soon.

How about you? What will you be doing to finalize your summer 2013 bucket list?