Consider yourself a true local? On Saturday, October 13  from 2PM to 5PM, Love Chapel Hill will hold the fourth Downtown Scavenger Hunt –so  put together a team and show the world just how much you know your town!  

The scavenger hunt  is free and open to all in the community – including UNC students, families, adults, and anyone that wants to form a team of between 2 to 5 players. Teams must solve riddles to determine their next stop by taking photos of themselves at each destination. As teams test their knowledge they compete for prizes and gift certificates! Many downtown businesses are clue destinations as well…(hint,hint!)



There are two different hunts – a shorter version good for teams with kids (those little legs might hold you back!) or anyone not as familiar with Chapel Hill; and a full version for those up for the challenge. All teams must sign up online.


Love Chapel Hill is a downtown church that meets both in The Varsity Theatre (in colder months), and at the Old Well (in warmer months). Taken to heart, the name is Love Chapel Hill because they truly do love their community. The church has been a great supporter of our downtown through a variety of initiatives including FREE FRANKLIN – they paid for parking all along East Franklin Street during move-in weekend for UNC students and their families;  FRANKLIN STREET STRANGELY WARMED- an annual drive to collect winter wear which they then hit the streets on cold winter nights with hot cocoa, hot coffee,  and sandwiches, and give it to those in need; and LOVE LOCAL – their commitment to supporting community organizations and nonprofits.


 I’ve already signed up as a team with my two kids – McShaw Rules! is our team name. And don’t think for a second that I’ve got this beat– the clues really make you think! Here are a few from Downtown Scavenger Hunts of the past to get your head in the game for this weekend:

·     12,20,10,33,52,50,23.  Magic is made under where these lucky numbers hang!

·     They have truffles, brownies, and treats galore on the other side of the _______  _______.
·     Legend has it a drink from here brings good luck. Better make it your first stop.
·     Alfalfa isn’t here, but countless Chapel Hill legends get to smell the BBQ as they hang here every day.
·     Smooth and creamy, without a lump; sweet, tart or swirl at the _____  _____.
Know the answers? I do – and I’m not telling! Sign up online today for the Downtown Scavenger Hunt and I’ll see you ‘on the hunt’ Saturday!