One of my favorite days to celebrate and promote is Do a Grouch a Favor Day.  Yes – there really is such a thing.  And it’s tomorrow.

I’ve always wondered why the creators of this occasion chose February 16 as the date to celebrate.  Is it because more people are grouchy two days after Valentine’s Day?  From too much candy?  Or because they got no candy?  Or because he gave her flowers and gave them to another woman too, like in the movie Valentines Day?

Whatever the reason for date selection, the short list of possible reasons from above serves as an important reminder that when someone acts grouchy toward you or me, it’s probably not about you or me.  

More likely, it’s because something or someone else punched him in the gut, broke her heart or simply spoiled a moment.

Hopefully that grouch will be better tomorrow but if not, how about doing him or her a favor?  That may be all he needs to snap out of it and many people besides him will likely benefit.

Perhaps you could offer to help with an overwhelming task.

Or say thank you for whatever he does for your business.

Or simply avoid the tendency to grouch back.

Or how about giving her a smile, a compliment or a lollipop?

Or how about some Wasabi Roasted Seaweed Snacks for only 99 cents a pack?  I just read about them in Trader Joe’s Fearless Flyer (front page, lower left corner).  In the next to last paragraph it says,

“We think Wasabi Roasted Seaweed Snacks make inspired Valentine’s Day, President’s Day and Do a Grouch a Favor Day (2/16 – for real!) gifts.” 

I was thrilled to learn about these Wasabi Seaweed Snacks and more thrilled to see Trader Joe’s promoting DAGAFD.

Would you like to join us tomorrow ? 

It could have a positive impact on your business.
And if enough of us do it, it could have a positive impact on all of Chapelboro.

So how about it?   Will you join us?  Just for the day.  After that, we can all go back to giving grouches the cold shoulder, the silent treatment, our favorite hand gesture or another grouch-in-return treatment.

Then again – what if we didn’t stop after one day?

Will you join in the celebration of Do a Grouch a Favor Day?
Got any suggestions for grouch favors?
Please share in comments section below or send an e-mail to:

P.S.  If you find yourself dealing with the same grouch day after day, I have additional suggestions.  Write to me if you want that list.