At some point each day, we have to decide what to wear. Some days we look great, and other days we look even better. Each day, we wake up with the energy we use to make it through the day. We also use that same energy to design our lives, go by the grocery store, do our work, feed the dog, coach little league, and all those other things we set out to accomplish.  Energy is neutral until we decide how to “purpose it,” or what purpose to give it.

We purpose our energy by dressing it with our intentions. 

If we want to live to our highest potential, we must be cognizant of how we are dressing the energy that is leaving our bodies, not just for tasks but also for attitude.  The sharpest dressers are always fun to see, just as those who choose the best attitudes are the funnest to be around.

What you wear is your choice. What are you wearing today?