The evenings and early mornings are beginning to feel crisp so my mind has turned to gardening in the fall. Upon the advice of my mother, I just planted broccoli, lettuce and cabbage. I also saw collards, cauliflower and kale for sale at my local garden center. Before planting them I mixed chicken droppings in with the top soil, which is another trick my mom swears by. Just be careful to not use too much as it will burn the plant.

Other than eating and chopping broccoli this fall, I will be enjoying my mums. Back in June I wrote a post called Gardening on the Cheap about trimming mums so they will bloom beautifully in the fall. In the photo above on the left you can see my mum trimmings right after they were planted the last week of June. On the right and in the photo below you can see how tall and full of buds they are now that we are in the second week of September!

I hope you fellow photo geeks are looking forward to taking tons of photos during the peak of the fall color like I am. If you ever have any suggestions for photo stories just contact me via email. Thanks for reading!