We’ve been hearing about changes at Carr Mill Mall in bits and pieces:  Fleet Feet left for elsewhere in Carrboro (as reported by the WCHL News team at the end of April), and a few weeks ago I mentioned the upcoming move by Jewelworks to University Mall.

Manager Nathan Milian told me there’s also news about what’s moving in to Carr Mill.  A card and gift shop is almost ready to announce its arrival.  So close that Milian felt comfortable sharing the type of store, if not yet its name.  As for a replacement for Fleet Feet?  He would say only that talks are in the works with a possible new tenant for the space Fleet Feet outgrew.  Fleet Feet co-owner (with his wife Tricia), Brian White told me Carr Mill had been good to them but options to expand seemed to be “like putting a Band-Aid on a bigger problem”. 

Jewelworks owner Rod Chambers says he’s also getting more space with his move to University Mall, planning to approximately double in size.  He’s also quite excited about the specifics of his new location: next to the very popular A Southern Season.  

At University Mall, though, Jewelworks will be joining a few other jewelry stores including Gerry & Co. and Wentworth & Sloan.  Chambers also faces competition from other stores also carrying jewelry including Cameron’s and Dillard’s and several others.  Chambers took that question with a smile saying he believes Jewelworks offers “some really neat stuff at a nice price point.” 

I’m a big fan of jewelry (no comments from those who know me, please) but I have to wonder about such a concentration of it during these economic times.  Believe me, I wish prosperity and shiny things on all of us so I wish them all well.  And I even promise to help!  With gifts for others.  Really. 

Speaking of my addictions, Carr Mill’s Milian did share one type of store he’d like to sign for the mall: a shoe store!  I think I frightened him with the sheer ferocity of my smile when he said that!  I’d offer him my closet but I don’t see a lot of success in selling just one size.  Unless I’m willing to buy back my shoes but then I’d have to give back my Savvy Spender title. 

I’d love to hear from other savvy spenders on what you’d like to see in Carr Mill Mall and also, how you’ll pitch in to help get all that jewelry sold!  Comment below or email me at Donnabeth@Chapelboro.com