You can find signs of good business long before walking into the North Carolina AICPA office (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) which opened five years ago.

In the parking lot, there are signs that reserve spaces to recognize and reinforce green driving.

Plus signs to reserve spaces for expectant mothers. 

And out on the newsrack, in the September issue of Carolina Parent Magazine, you can find AICPA listed as one of 50 Family Friendly Companies in North Carolina*.

Family friendly programs at AICPA include flexible work arrangements with flextime, compressed workweeks, part-time employment with and without benefits, and telecommuting options. They also offer paternity and maternity leave for parents, private space for nursing mothers, adoption benefits, and a dedicated internal website for new parents.

From the Carolina Parent website: “…family-friendly companies know employee satisfaction has a direct impact on a company’s bottom line. Companies that strive for a family-friendly culture…are rewarded with low turnover and loyal employees who are committed to the company’s success.”

Simply said, family friendly is good business.  By taking good care of these 400 employees, AICPA makes it easier for employees to take care of their 370,000 members which are scattered across 127 countries.

By the way – if you are in the job market, you may be interested to know that AICPA is looking for 27 talented (and very lucky) people to join the North Carolina team. Get more details from their job board.  

What does your business do to make it easier to balance the demands of work and family?
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*You can find a list of all 50 right here.