Just curious –  will you be celebrating Administrative Professionals Day (April 25) or Week (week of April 23) at  your office?  And if so, how?

The celebration started in 1952 and some say it is “one of the largest workplace observances outside of employee birthdays and major holidays. From the International Association of Administrative Professionals website:

”Admins are one of the engines of business, particularly in a complex economy. In a world that demands the accurate and speedy movement of digital information, admins are masters of data. And they do this while maintaining their more traditional role as the gatekeepers for many customers, clients and employees. Quite simply, admins are the pulse of the office.”

IAAP recommends that employers observe Administrative Professionals Week by providing education and training to administrative staff through seminars, continuing education and self-study materials.

That sounds good.  How about if we add flowers, candy, cookies, lunch, spa treatments and other treats? 
What may be more valuable than anything for many people –  a nice handwritten thank you card or note.

Appreciation can make a day or a life...

Are you observing Administrative Professionals Day/Week?  And if so, how?

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