So, have you guys checked out the AMAZING graphic novel adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time, by NC’s own Hope Larson? (She did a signing at Chapel Hill Comics this past weekend and I got to meet her, I definitely went a little bit fangirl on her!)
Anyway, the graphic novel is part of the celebration for A Wrinkle in Time’s 50th anniversary this year, and it’s a very fitting tribute. Larson’s art is gorgeous, and Meg in particularly is very lovingly presented. Plus, the drawings add little character moments to the story that are really nice—I never thought I’d discover something new in a book I’ve read so many times, but Larson captures lots of little details that combine to make her adaptation great.  

The story does feel like it moves a little bit quickly (especially considering it’s like 400 pages), but to be fair, the original is kind of like that too—there was less character development 50 years ago, maybe? Larson clearly loves the original and it shows in every page.

This is definitely one to check out, especially if you’re a fan of the original—or want to instill a love of it in any other readers you know! Check out a lengthy excerpt here and read an interview with Larson about the book here.

News roundup!
— If you’re into comic book history like I am, you’ll love this fascinating excerpt from a brand new book all about Marvel Comics.  Turns out Marvel in the 70s was a completely bonkers place!  

–Halloween comics stuff to look forward to—a creepy Vertigo anthology and a Dear Dracula animated feature with an all-star voice cast

–The AV Club guesses which Whedonverse actors will play which characters on the SHIELD tv show. This game is fun!

–Casting news and rumors! Who will be Captain America’s love interest? Will the awesome sociopath Alice from the British tv show Luthor play Ms Marvel?  (I’m hoping yes, I adore Ruth Wilson.) Will Golden Globe nominee Shailene Woodley play Mary Jane Watson now that her terrible tv show is ending? 

–Check it out, Bryan Lee O’Malley drew an alternate cover for Young Avengers #1. I know nothing about the Young Avengers (ok, I do know one thing, it’s by the guys who did Phonogram, which I’ve talked about before and which is awesome) but I suddenly want to read this!