You know that feeling where you are just so proud of yourself? Where you feel like you are floating above the world? Well, I’ve recently experienced that, and it’s wonderful.
I have been working on something very, very hard, and lately I’ve been running into some problems. But just a few days ago, when I completed the first part of my project, well, I can’t even describe how I felt!
So what is this “something” I keep mentioning?  Well, I’m proud to say that I’ve built an app. Yes, a real app for iPhone and iPod Touch!
Unfortunately, because of Apple’s rules, I can’t disclose any information about it until it’s available publicly, but I’m pretty excited.
But, anyway, that’s not what I’m writing this column about. I’m writing about that… feeling you could call it. Though it’s so much more than a feeling. It’s almost like a, well, I guess you could say a temporary new you.
A new you that can accomplish anything, whether it’s flying around the world or, well, building an app.
It’s a feeling that you don’t get very often, and when you do, it’s a VERY special occasion. It’s more than what you accomplished, though that is terrific. It’s the feeling that you get from putting so much effort into something and seeing it through. It feels so good.
But if it doesn’t occur very often, when does it occur? Well, here are a couple of examples:

  • Accomplishing something hard that you’ve been working on
  • Doing something really good that makes you feel amazing
  • Figuring something really big out

There are so many more times this feeling comes, but when it does, it’s very special.