If you are like every other human on the planet, you have not yet figured out how to get younger. Until that changes, we are all subject to time. Time, well… it’s a beast. It keeps going no matter how much we protest, and it is a TERRIBLE task master. You can lose track of it, and before you know it, whole years have flown by and all those dreams you’ve had are still just that… dreams. There they are – floating around in your head anchored to nothing. “One day,” you think, “I will…”

This is where goals come in. Goals are really just a framework for getting the most out of increments of time. They are anchors for our days. Pretty simple, huh? Here are three steps to help you build a framework so that you can realize your dreams and, of course, your awesomeness:

Step 1: Decide what you want.

Goals reflect things we want to happen, both big and small. We can have a goal to get a graduate degree or a goal to sleep in. The size of the goal determines the amount of effort we will be putting forth to accomplish it. Many people don’t achieve their goals simply because they have none. This is not you. You absolutely have goals for yourself.

Step 2: Tell your brain the goal by writing it down and making it real in your head.

Because the brain is a rather concrete entity, it helps to put your goal in a concrete format such as “I am getting my MBA” or “I am sleeping in.” This way of communicating lets the brain know the direction to head the ship (you are the ship). Without direction, the brain will rely on others to set the goal.

Notice that these goals are specific; that is one of the differences between a goal and something like a wish or an idea. A goal is specific enough for us to hold on to mentally because we’ve put words around it. Better yet, create a mental picture in your mind’s eye and feel yourself reaching your goals.

When we write our goals down and picture them, we are taking the second step in making them real. The act of writing gives goals a concrete form on paper, and picturing them makes them real in our minds.

Step 3: Make a plan to make your goals real.

Start reaching your goals by accomplishing something simple like sleeping in. It is easily accomplished and somewhat rewarding. Ask yourself: What will I need?

Obviously, a bed and no one to wake you up.

By doing something simple at first, you are demonstrating to yourself that you can actually follow through and achieve what you set out to do. Then you can start adding things on. For example, if your goal is to get an MBA you need to find out what schools are a good match for you. Then you need to apply.

Small steps are much more manageable than big ones. Consider each days ‘to-do’ list a form of goal setting.

Your turn:

What are your goals?

What do you need to make them happen?

Taking responsibility for making our goals happen is how we begin living our awesomeness. You are awesome. No lie. Now go live your dreams.