Franco and Franco

Franco, the Italian artisan, and Franco, the puppy

I’d like to introduce you to VIETRI’s newest team member, Franco! When my husband, Bill, and I decided it was time for a new puppy, we narrowed in on Australian Labradoodles. I knew the dogs had a yellow gold fur, and so I told Bill that we should get a girl puppy and name her Maizey for “mais,” the Italian word for corn.

As I’ve learned all throughout my life, it would have been better to be less specific in my “wants.” I was in Italy on business when Bill went to see the puppies. A little puppy with a Carolina blue collar (i.e., a boy) won Bill’s heart. Bill said the puppy ran and ran and then just FLOPPED from exhaustion. I thought this was so sweet, so when we went back, it was that blue-collared little puppy that bounced towards us and took my heart, too.

The breeder agreed with us that he was the perfect match – independent, calm, and not too serious — and she assured us he would be easily trained. On our drive home, we started thinking of boy names, and Bill immediately suggested that we name him for one of our Italian vendors and friends, Franco Ammannati. The two Francos seemed to have similar personalities – easy, fun, and great believers in relaxing. So, we called Franco in Italy and asked if he would give his blessing on this namesake. We were happy he agreed!

The middle name of Poochinelli had to be. Pooch for dog, with a dash of Italian flair! Bill added Ross for his last name!

Franco comes to work with me as much as possible. He bounds in and greets everyone with a smile and wag, looks for some nibbles, and then returns to my office throughout the day. After about an hour of this intrepid exploring, he goes into his kennel for a long sleep. He adds a lot of fun and energy to the office, and so we might need to put him on the payroll.

Our favorite walk is in downtown Chapel Hill, so if you see us, say CIAO! He understands and will wag his little tail!

Susan and Franco