Michelle Johnson has served on the Carrboro Board of Alderman since her election in 2011. A member of the National Association of Social Workers, an appointee to the Affordable Housing Task Force and Community Home Trust Board of Directors among other committees as well as a local yoga instructor and artist, Johnson’s presence in the Carrboro Community has consistently been a positive one.

She graduated with her bachelor’s from the College of William and Mary, and her master’s degree in social work came from UNC. Though she has “enjoyed her time” serving the Carrboro community and is “excited to see how town goals and priorities will progress in the future,” she is stepping down from her position on the Board of Aldermen to move to Portland, Oregon.

“It feels really big for me to be leaving a community I feel very connected to and to be moving to a place where I don’t actually know a lot of people,” said Johnson.

Johnson’s work in dismantling racism training will be put to further good use in Oregon, where she intends to continue pursuing projects focused on racial equity.

So, for her work in our community and looking forward to her contributions in another, Michelle Johnson is this week’s Hometown Hero!