Makia: The third principle of Huna philosophy. Energy flows where attention goes. Likewise, energy follows intention. It is said that 90% of thoughts are repeated from one day to the next. Are yours worth carrying over to tomorrow?

What is your mindset each day? Too many dwell on the past and think pessimistic thoughts of the future. Focus mental energy on improvement. One must always be growing, expanding into better versions of themselves. One must evolve with the changing tides of life with a flexible and open mind. Move forward, do not look back. Examine and learn from mistakes, be thankful for mishaps. Experience is truly the best teacher.

What do you talk about each day? “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” Eleanor Roosevelt knew that gossip does not enhance, but only belittles. Focus verbal energy into building up, not tearing down. Speak positively about yourself and others. Speak supportive and inspiring words. Focus energy on listening as well. Abraham Lincoln knew there is much to learn from listening. “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

What do you think about yourself? Too many live in contraction, fixated on a negative self-image and worried about judgment. Stand tall. Look people in the eyes. Smile and talk to others. Smile to yourself in the bathroom mirror each morning. Look yourself in the eye and repeat, “I am cool. I am calm. I am confident.” Believe it as you leave the house and encounter the world. Exude it as you walk down the block. Pass the same energy along to others through friendliness.

Ultimately, anxiety is what holds many back. Become intimately familiar with your own anxiety. Sit with it. Study it. Feel it tighten up your chest, toss your stomach in circles, make your vision blurry, and cause your hands to shake. Notice it constrict your breath. Now, breathe into it. Let it climax, and then watch it dissipate. Where does it start? Where does it end? How long does it last? Why did it develop? Did you survive? Of course you did. Anxiety is only a distorted perception of reality. It is only an internal threat – it does not exist externally. It is only the fear of what is unknown. Remember that what is unknown can only be discovered through action. Excuses are the language of the weak-willed.

Personal growth is scary. Focus energy on bravery. Personal growth requires taking risks. Focus energy on living boldly. Personal growth can be painful. Learn to love it.

Nothing stated here is new. None of these words are revolutionary. Contrariwise, these words have been written a thousand times before. Did you pay attention to them the first one thousand times? Place attention on what needs to be improved in your life. Relentlessly pursue amelioration. Fail and try again. Positive energy will soon be in your favor. Things will begin to fall into place.