As the calendar flips into fall, now is the perfect time to squeeze a little more life out of our favorite summer styles…without getting the shivers once the cooler air arrives.  Read on for a few ways to create fall looks from warm-weather staples.

You don’t have to abandon your summer dresses now that fall has officially arrived.  The key is to make that summer frock fall-friendly.  With proper layering, dark or neutral summer dresses are perfect for our fall Indian summers.  Identify a dark tone in the dress and buy a very fitted, long-sleeved shirt in that color to wear underneath which creates sleeves.  You want it to appear like it came that way with a seamless look.  Another fun layering trick when the temps dip is to add a long cardigan over the dress and belt it all together.  Try a distressed leather belt.  Add a pair of ribbed tights and some cowboy boots and you’re covered…literally!

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Your bright pants don’t need to go into hibernation.  (Yes!).  Even neon pants can transition into fall, but only if you pair them with the right pieces and tone them down a bit.  Wear a long black blazer or navy jacket to cut down the brightness.  Add a chunky low boot and neutral accessories.  For example, tie on a gray cashmere scarf to soften the look even more.  Some bright-dark color combinations that work well are neon yellow with black, neon pink with navy and brilliant green with dark charcoal.

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Take your sleeveless shirt into fall by adding autumn colors and stay warm by layering with heavier textures.  A tweed jacket, cashmere sweater or wool blazer will do the trick.  Your tones for fall should be much deeper.  Burgundy, a deep blue like navy or any warm jewel tone looks fall-appropriate.  Complete the look with a scarf, an oxford wedge and corduroy leggings.  

Don’t forget that your jewelry can also be fall-appropriate.  That may mean trading in those summery friendship bracelets and wood beads for something metal with a heavier weight.  However, plenty of your favorite bright jewels will transition each season and possibly into the holidays.

Ladies loved the ease of the flowing maxi dress all summer long, so why not carry that love into fall?  Make sure your dress is in a solid or a print that will transition seasonally.  (Pack up for next summer maxi dresses with a white background, summery floral print or made of a fabric like linen or ultra-light cotton.) Layer your dress with a fitted denim jacket or a cropped motorcycle jacket.  Add a pair of short booties, a scarf and wear tights when the weather turns cooler.

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The word on the fashion scene is that white jeans are season-less.  Style experts say they’re pulling on their white denim right up to the holidays.  Who knew?!  So adapt yours for fall.  Warm them up with a coral nubby V-neck sweater over a chambray shirt and a heavy shoe like a pair of hip short motorcycle boots.  Lots of sweater styles look great with white jeans, like fisherman sweaters which will be abuzz this fall.  Cable knits or a fuzzy sweater in a pop of color will also do the trick.

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Check out some of The Fashion Plate’s articles on summer favorite styles and apply these transitional ideas to create fun fashionable fall looks this season.  Share how you’ll be wearing your summer faves into fall.

Summer to Fall

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