The official days of summer have arrived.  That means beach trips, poolside parties and backyard bashes are in the mix.  What’s hot this summer on the fashion scene?  Bask in bright colors and bold prints.  Fortunately 2012 features fewer rules and a penchant for more fun!

Here are just a few summer trends (some of my favorites) to keep on your radar screen.  Several are even retro 80’s inspired, so don’t forget to get your groove on!

Tangerine Tango – It’s the 2012 Pantone Color of the Year!  This spirited reddish-orange hue provides the energy boost needed to recharge and move forward. (Amen!)  It’s exotic but in a friendly, non-threatening way.  I love it paired with shades of berry pink or buttery yellow.  Also, think beyond clothing with this lively color.  Energize interior home spaces like bedding, appliances or paint for a drab wall.

Color Block – Literally think blocks of color.  Divas everywhere are rocking a mix of hot pink, tangerine tango, lemon yellow, emerald green, turquoise blue and many more vibrant shades.  Try out the color blocking effect on dresses, shoes, handbags and other fashion accessories for a fun, edgy 80’s inspired look.

Colored Jeans – Bright and pastel skinny jeans have been all the rage for the 2012 spring and summer season.  So bring a burst of sunshine to your wardrobe with some playful and super trendy colored jeans.  Spice up your look by pairing them with tops, blouses and blazers.  You’ll find a wide selection of hues like hot red, neon pink, aqua, green, butter yellow, soft lavender and mint green to name a few.

Neon Colors – From nails to shoes to handbags to hair (that’s pushing it!) everything is going neon.  This is a hot pop of color for that beach vacation this summer.  Think glow-in-the-dark hues for poolside and social outings.  Experts say that the key to staying true to this trend is never wear too many neon pieces at the same time!

Statement Necklace – A chic and chunky statement necklace is an excellent way to add some punch to your summer looks.  Lots of styles for every taste abound from huge gold necklaces to multi-colored gemstones to edgy metallic chokers to giant pearl pieces.   
Maxi Dress – Be the center of attention with a feminine and elegant maxi dress.  You’ll find an array of styles on racks from Target to Nordstrom.  Maxi dresses seem to be a southern sister’s summer staple.  These long flowing dresses are flattering and comfy.  Unlike their young sassy sister the “mini”, the “maxi” is ageless.  Wear them with flats or wedges and chunky jewelry pieces for a going-to-the-tropics look.  Check out the two maxi dresses below on Atlantic Beach babes.
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Here are a few of my own recent favorite summer threads featuring bright colors and trends like tangerine tango on a one shoulder top, neon pink colored jeans, lemon yellow print dress and a little color blocking!

Share your favorite trends and essential summer attire to beat or bring on the heat!