Fall Fashion CrushIt’s official – autumn has arrived! What trends are you hoping make a comeback this fall? And what are you hoping stays in the closet of no return?

Favorite tops for fall are all about embellishment. When the bling is built in—who needs accessories?! Embellishment appears even on casual tee shirt styles. Find them everywhere from your favorite boutique to your best-friend big box store like Target.

More trends to try this fall? Here are some current style ideas. The choice is always yours. Give it a go or no!

Give Faux Leather A Try
Most experts agree that leather is a classic. It’s a wise investment because it’s never going out of style. Wearing leather is a personal choice. If you go faux, “vegan leather” is not limited to bargain lines. Many high-end designers are using it in place of the real deal.

Fall Fashion Selena leather leggingsWhether you go for a second-skin look or a touch of trim, faux leather adds a luxe, edgy feel to your closet essentials. Grab skinny jeans, leggings, or a pencil skirt. Trend setters are saying you won’t regret it.

Or invest in outerwear with a bomber jacket or moto jacket (new name for motorcycle jacket). Call it whatever you like, but these jackets are tough yet chic.

Wear White Pants. White is no longer for summer, as I’ve written before. Black and white pairings are a top fall look.

Don’t Wait On The Perfect Boot
Or it will escape you! Just as the perfect pair of cool crème colored boots sold out on me last season. Buy now, since favorite boots sell out quickly. Boots are a great investment staple that work in multiple seasons.

What do you get when you combine shoes and short boots? You get shooties. They’re showing up everywhere as the hottest footwear out there this season. Try ankle strap wedges and western-inspired heels. They’re the perfect way to transition your shorts, skirts and dresses into fall.

Reintroducing Boy Meets Girl
Fall Fashion Boy Meets GirlYes, this trend is back. Think structured and architectural silhouettes and tomboy classics like sweatshirts and boyfriend jeans paired with ultra sexy heels. Adding a crop blazer and belt instantly takes your boyfriend jeans look from homey to hip and trendy. Women also tend to wear more hats, pant suits and sneakers while keeping their femininity.

Fall Fashion Emerald Green BagBuy A Bright Bag
A sleek, colorful handbag will complement everything from neutrals to brights. And in the color of the season, all will be emerald green with envy!

This is just a sneak peak at a handful of fall favorites. Hopefully the birthday fairy read my wish list this week for faux leather leggings. Share your fall fashion must-haves with Chapelboro Insiders.