Years ago, I did a commentary about the roadside trash that we see all over the place.

This summer, we had the opportunity to drive I-40 to Wilmington and also to Asheville.  In both directions, I am embarrassed to say that the problems is worse.  Especially on the stretch near us.

In spite of the North Carolina Department of Transportation’s efforts, including their education programs, legal penalties, state and local coordination efforts, and even a song and a license plate, it doesn’t seem like we are solving the problem.

We’ve noticed the increase in litter along Seawell School Road.  It’s ironic that a Chapel Hill school organization is assigned the stretch in the Adopt a Highway program.

I don’t know what the solution is.  But, I know a lot of other communities don’t have the litter problems that we have.  How do we get people to care, to demonstrate some pride, and to dispose of trash properly?  I wish there was a magic wand that we could just wave to solve this.  While we’re waving it, let’s wave it on the people talking on their cells and texting, those who won’t turn their lights on when it’s raining, won’t use their turn signals, won’t stop for school buses, or even drive the speed limit.

In the greater scheme of things, these are not our greatest problems.  But, for sure, they are things that define us.


— Fred Black

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