Cries of protest of Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh’s vicious attack on a Georgetown law student are echoing across the land — even touching the hallowed halls of the University of North Carolina.

A petition circulating online is demanding that the University terminate broadcasting of UNC basketball and football games on a network that proudly proclaims itself “Rush Radio.”

In an effort to distance itself, the UNC Athletic Department issued a statement noting that it has no control over, and does not endorse in any way, the normal programming of any stations that air the game broadcasts.

While Limbaugh has reluctantly apologized for his diatribe, nineteen of his sponsors, at last count, have pulled their ads off the air, and more will probably follow.

Limbaugh’s venomous rhetoric aimed at anything liberal has finally caught up with him. And it’s about time.

No doubt, the University is treading a fine line over this entire matter, but the solution is quite simple: Allow the advertisers to dump Limbaugh and keep those Tar Heels on the air!