County government matters, and many of us pay close attention to the decisions that impact schools, economic development and critical county services for public health and safety.

In that context, we encourage District 1 voters (Chapel Hill and Carrboro) to please re-elect Pam Hemminger as County Commissioner District 1. Pam is a thoughtful and engaging leader who truly cares about the people of Orange County – all of us.
Pam is leading the way to improve transparency to county government. She introduced online video streaming of commissioner meetings –which has helped many of us follow what the commissioners are doing.

Pam’s comfortable with the truth – and regularly chooses it over pandering to select groups. She has built open and candid relationships with community groups, and actively seeks citizen input on key issues such as transit, the landfill closing and Rogers Road, and economic development.

Pam knows money is tight – which is why she vocally opposed a $1 million conference room for the county commissioners and is moving cautiously to ensure that the county’s funding for libraries is sustainable. Pam was the single voice that stopped the commissioners from putting a waste transfer station in Bingham township – which in hindsight saved taxpayers millions of dollars in capital and ongoing expenses.

A sustainable future for Orange County will not be found in the triumph of towns over county or vice versa. It takes open, transparent leadership to find the rich and creative solutions that serve our growing and diverse community. Pam Hemminger exemplifies that leadership and everyone wins if Pam continues to serve as Orange County Commissioner

Tish Galu
Bonnie Hauser
Susan Walser