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Mary Willingham Deserves An Apology

Mary Willingham Deserves An Apology

This is Ellie Kinnaird.

Mary Willingham appearing in the documentary "Schooled: The Price of College Sports"

Mary Willingham

Well, it’s finally out there – the whole dirty story for the entire world to see. It cost a couple of million dollars and years of media attention for the University of North Carolina to admit what everyone knew. So I have been waiting for the thanks and apology to Mary Willingham, who is a real hero. Like all whistleblowers, she was maligned, her character was assassinated, her academic integrity was impugned and everyone from deans to sportswriters joined in. I think UNC and the community owe a big thank you to Mary. And if UNC had paid attention and followed up on her clarion call that something was not right, it could have spared itself years of embarrassment and shame.

Our beloved President Friday would be so saddened that the corruption of big-time athletics he worked to warn against had so profoundly tarnished his University. So Mary, from me, if no one else: thank you for uncovering this miserable chapter in our fine University’s history. And I apologize on behalf of all who should do so for the harassment you have received over your valuable contribution to our University.

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