At the Chapel Hill celebration honoring Dr. King Monday, a variety of speakers were invited to participate in the the town remembrance. This included Orange County Democratic Party Chairman, Matt Hughes, who used the opportunity honoring Dr. King to publicly attack Republicans, describing them as “drunk with power” and their policies “unjust” and “evil.” Both Martin Luther King, Jr. and Martin Luther King, Sr. were lifelong registered Republicans. Seems the decision to use this event as a partisan political attack opportunity, rejecting the values Dr. King stood for, dishonored his memory. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a staunch advocate for cultural diversity, including political diversity.

Dr. King had a long history of working cooperatively with Republicans, and many acknowledge that civil rights advances in federal law occurred because of Republican support (particularly in the face of strong Democrat opposition). At his very core, he opposed those things in society that divide us as a nation. Fortunately, Dr. King stands as a beacon to remind us all of the American “dream”.