I’m a Chapel Hill resident, and I’ve got something to say.
Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Durham, and a number of other towns around the state offer domestic partnerships.  That ends next week.
Unmarried heterosexual couples, and their children, enjoy certain rights in North Carolina.  That ends next week.
Unmarried victims of domestic violence have certain protections in North Carolina.  That ends next week.
I am allowed to visit my husband in the hospital, share health insurance with him, and am his next of kin for any important medical decisions.  That ends next week.
It all ends next week.  Unless you do something about it.
The 2012 primary voting is already underway, and with broad, hateful, never-before-tested language on the ballot, we could potentially see many far reaching consequences unless you go vote against this amendment right now.
This isn’t the first time North Carolina’s constitution has tried to limit which loving couples count and which ones don’t, but we can make sure it’s the last.
Anyone, regardless of party or even if you’re unaffiliated, can vote on this amendment.  Please vote against the amendment on or before May 8th.