This is Jim Warren.

Are you angry at Duke Energy executives for polluting North Carolina with coal ash?

Well, now they’re trying to kill our growing solar power industry.

Duke Energy is already severely harming North Carolina’s large-scale solar developers.

And Duke’s latest proposal could destroy our once-growing solar industry at both the rooftop and large-scale levels.

That’s right.  Despite spending millions of customer dollars to make people think it SUPPORTS solar power…

Duke Energy has been stalling solar projects that are underway – and now it’s trying to worsen contracting rules for large solar developers.

Duke THEN plans to slash the price that ROOFTOP solar customers receive for adding power to the grid.

This is part of a national fight resulting from rapid solar power growth that has cut into the profits – and threatens the business model – of old-school, monopoly utilities like Duke Energy.

The North Carolina Utilities Commission must not allow Duke Energy to squash solar power in North Carolina.

The Commission must stop Duke from stalling large solar projects, and prevent the utility from worsening its treatment of solar companies.

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