This is Julie McClintock.

Many folks are still in the dark about the radical Town plans to apply a new zone to Ephesus-Fordham – including Park Apartments, Ram’s Plaza, Eastgate, and Village Plaza. The Town is promoting more intense 7-story redevelopment of this existing commercial area. So why isn’t this a good idea?

1. The proposed new building complex is located in a low-lying area that frequently floods. The Town does not have a plan to fix the flooding.

2. More than a thousand new residential units will cause more congestion, not less. With reduced federal funding, we can’t depend on improving our transit system, and 15-501 will see more delays.

3. What’s touted as “a neat, cool place to hang out” will be a bland collection of expensive residences and stores. I will drive, not walk, to my favorite small business located elsewhere because the Oriental Tailor won’t be able to afford the rent.

4. Several hundred low-income households will be displaced, and the public right to review the new projects eliminated.

5. And the tax base acquired won’t even make money for 20 years while taxpayers absorb the costs of new buses and new schools.

The Town Council deliberates on this bad proposal on Thursday night, April 17th, 7 pm . Please attend.

Tonight at 6 pm you are invited to the balloon launch to witness how high 90 foot buildings appear. Come to the Bolin Creek Linear Park located on Elliot Road opposite Burger King.

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