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Bernie Reeves: In Defense of DG Martin

Bernie Reeves: In Defense of DG Martin

DG Martin has made a mistake by referring to Republicans in the NC Legislature as Nazis. But it should be clarified he did not say this on-air as host of WUNC-TV’s Bookwatch program — as erroneously reported — nor on his Who’s Talking radio program on 97.9FM-WCHL. My experience has shown DG to be liberal but fair-minded. The Nazi comment is out of character.

As is known in these parts, I am a conservative. Yet DG Martin has asked me to be a guest on his WCHL radio program regularly. He says on-air each time that I am a favorite of his audience in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Metro. Though our conversations are spirited, he has never censored anything I have said and has treated me with respect.

I do not approve of DG’s analogy that labels Republicans in the NC Legislature Nazis — yet it is consistent with his role as a book show host to create a literary reference for his opinion, in this case Beasts in the Garden by Erik Larson. But I respect his First Amendment right to present his views.

I say that with some irony. DG, a liberal, is now the object of personal attacks for speaking his mind — the modus operandi of the Left in the US and North Carolina to attack conservatives. If anyone dares say anything that contradicts the smug and righteous leftist view, off come the gloves. This behavior has led to the decline of free speech in our society, codified and enforced by the politically correct police gestated by radical scholars on our campuses in the 1970s.

Their purpose is rarely to debate or set the record straight. The goal is to engage in slanders designed to discredit and stain the person who dares utter an opinion contrary to the party line. Now DG is finding out what it’s like to be attacked for stating an opinion the other side dislikes.

Yet, in our radio debates, DG has never resorted to abuse or personal attacks. And his service to the public via his North Carolina Bookwatch program is estimable and provides a forum for authors in North Carolina.

DG made a mistake and deserves criticism. But I fear citizens of the Right are in danger of engaging in the same tactics as the Left when they resort to hyperbole and personal attacks against contrary opinion.


Bernie Reeves
Editor & Publisher, Raleigh Metro Magazine
Founder: Raleigh Spy Conference


  1. paulko

    As usual Bernie has draped his right wing views in the mantle of “Oh poor me and my right wing believers” while continuing the total misstatement of DG’s points. (For the record, it was the Tea Party folks who destroyed civilized discourse in America.) When I read “Beasts” this year I was haunted by the thought–this is happening to us, slowly but surely. It is not name calling to rightly and honestly compare the degeneration of our nation to the degeneration of the Weimar Republic and the rise of National Socialism and it is unsettling at best.

    David Lindquist

    • Bernie Reeves

      Gee, I act reasonable and sure enough the Left chimes in calling me names. I lost a primary for Congress due to the Tea Party.

      • paulko

        Sorry Bernie I did not call you any names and you call yourself a “right winger”. It was my point to discuss the issues.

      • Rob Maitland

        Nice article in defense of a good man, DG Martin. Thanks Mr. Reeves. The only reason the “Tea Party” was able to enter the political conversation was because of the rancor and breakdown between the two major parties.

  2. paulko

    My partner and I, David Lindquist, just commented here and it was erased. Could you please tell me why the comment was erased?

    Thank you

    • Jordan Rogers

      No comment has been erased through our site.

  3. Jiovanna Louisa

    D. G. “made a mistake.” No. He’s just expressing his opinion as is his right under the First Amendment of our U.S. Constitution. His ‘mistake’ was apologizing for it. Apparently, he fears reprisals and losing his position or income from our community. This equates to fearful times in a police state-style system where one no longer expresses his or her views. I applaud Martin for his insights albeit they didn’t suit you Mr. Reeves!

  4. Jane Hammond

    Sorry Paulko, but Saul Alinksy and his followers destroyed civilized discourse in America a long time ago.

  5. geek49203

    Conversations between liberals and conservatives are possible, and even enjoyable, once each side drops the name-calling and venom and hatred. Sadly, that is tough to do, judging by at least one response here. Seriously, don’t we all want to end poverty, prevent child abuse, drink clean water, breathe clean air, and have an effective government? Sadly, some ON BOTH SIDES wrap their mental illnesses into political activism, and once the crazies move in, it’s tough to have civil conversations. Hey hey, ho ho, stupid talking points on both sides need to go….

    • David Lindquist

      Actually I am not at all sure that “we all” want the many good things you listed, given the laws passed this session which in fact were designed to lower water safety standards (it is at least in abeyance), allow soaring pollution from power production to dump sites (did pass), increase poverty by cutting every safety net and refusing medical care for the impoverished. Yes there is much hyperbole on both sides but when the pedal hits the metal, the Republicans have been busy dismantling all that was good and caring in a great state in order to give money to the rich. Regressive taxes were once anathema to Republican and Democratic leaders in NC–no more! So it is not name calling to simply tell truth to power as 10,000 did today in Asheville.


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