I have promised to write a blog a day for the entire month of November.

The purpose was twofold:

1) to motivate me to write consistently; and

2) to motivate me to not be so dang long-winded.

I’m happy to report that it has succeeded halfway: I’m now consistently writing extremely long-winded blogs.

I hope you have enjoyed them.

I’ve got a couple in the works for the next few days that I’m really proud of–or, rather, that I’m really GOING to be proud of, when they’re done.

Unfortunately they’re all extremely long-winded, so none of them are done.

But I still have to post one blog today.

So I’m making it this one.

(Note the cunning use of paragraph breaks, to make it seem like this post is more substantive than it actually is. In college I triple-majored in English, political science, and philosophy, and I’ve been training in improv for four years. I’m getting pretty darn good at BS.)

Coming in the next few days:

–    a very long post on several disturbing (and related) trends in modern journalism;

–    a rundown of some of the wackier press releases we get in the newsroom;

–    I taste-test a bunch of different pasta brands to see if I can actually tell the difference*;

–    I follow up on my call for suggestions of “Orange County’s biggest hidden issue” (keep those suggestions coming, by the way!);

–    and as we get upset about Walmart’s doing a food drive for their own underpaid employees, let’s not forget we do the same thing here in Chapel Hill.

But none of those posts are actually done right now. So instead, enjoy this picture of a wedding reception I saw advertised on a theater marquis in Edwardsville, Illinois, when I was visiting a friend there back in July:


Yes, that is in fact the “Taul-Short” wedding. Taul was the bride; Short was the groom. Eat your heart out, Jay Leno.

Okay. Intermission’s over.

Tomorrow, back to the old grind.

* – Interesting side note: THIS was the blog that was taking me forever to write in October, that was half the reason I started this project in the first place. Halfway through and I’m still not done with it. Sigh.