Once again, our incredibly giving town is providing us with yet another chance to experience exactly what it is that brings us all together: genuine truth and heart, this time by way of passionate and raw folk rock. Wednesday night the Cradle will be full of just that as it becomes the temporary home to post punk-morphed-folk LA band Dawes and Charleston’s revolutionary husband and wife duo that generate Shovels and Rope. If you’re into painstakingly honest and downright stomp your feet and raise your glass kind of music, you must find yourself at this show.

With Dawes headlining, you’ll hear your life’s questions, concerns, and frustrations delicately thrown in your face through the medium of Taylor Goldsmith’s soft voice. Behind him, Griffin Goldsmith on drums (yeah, they’re rocking brothers), Wylie Gelber on bass, and Tay Strathairn on keys, all set the mood for the lyrics seemingly stripped from Taylor’s personal journal, touching on everything from distant dreams, to defeated hopes and the point of realization when a chapter of life ends before you’ve finished writing it. Dawes has a way of connecting with you-as we’re all wandering souls contemplating where we’ve been and the unknown territory of where we’re headed.

The real show begins early though, as Cary Ann Hearst and Michael Trent will storm the stage with the heart and soul of whisky drinking folk rock, screaming at you to feel. And you can’t ignore them. They pack their performance high energy with riotous guitar and heavy cadences from a junkyard fashioned drum kit. They want you to dance; express your inner rock star through their dark undertones and bluesy finishes. Shovels and Rope feeds the compulsions to let go and be that we didn’t even recognize we had the obligation to fulfill. It’s musical therapy of paramount.

It’s the middle of the week. Do yourself a favor and come recharge with us. Doors at 7:30, hollow point blues start at 8:30. This all-ages show is $23 at the door. So fill your glass and come show these bands what we’re all about, Chapel Hill; good times with good friends and just good ‘ole fashion getting down.