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Christin’s Cuts: Johnny’s Gone Fishing

Christin’s Cuts: Johnny’s Gone Fishing

Johnny’s Gone Fishing is a landmark in Carrboro that has been in existence for more than 40 years. Having seen multiple incarnations from a bait and tackle shop to what is now, a community institution and cultural destination, Johnny’s mere inventory sets it apart. There’s locally roasted coffee, glass bottle cokes, eggs, milk, candies and cakes. It’s a general store meets environmentally friendly coffee shop and the outcome is nothing short of wonderful. Local musicians play indoor tunes every Thursday and Sunday and there is also a community garden. No matter your taste, preference or activity level, Johnny’s has something to offer.

Johnny’s has endured its share of battles the past two years. But the neighboring community and Johnny’s owner, Jan Halle, have worked out their differences and found common ground. Jan took charge of the property, installed a new manager, Susan Siplon, and developed a new vibe that everyone could get with. It’s a testament to the community of Carrboro and Johnny’s staff that things were settled with grace and understanding.

Johnny’s has withstood a history that would have crumbled many a business, but through good human nature, neighborly love and a passion for community, Johnny’s lives on…

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