Some dogs just get along with everybody. Ernie is one of those dogs.

This lab/pit/boxer mix is one of the sweetest visitors we’ve had at WCHL, from his friendly greeting of strangers to his quiet demeanor in the studio. He’s fully grown at 2 years old and 50 pounds, but he’s a lapdog at heart, as he loves to rest his head (or his whole body!) in your lap. Those labrador genes make him a wonderful family dog, and he does great with cats, children and other dogs. They also make him a wonderful outdoor dog, and he’ll happily chase balls and frisbees for hours. He’d be an ideal pet to adopt, since he’d fit right into any household, sitting quietly on the floor next to you.

To bring Ernie into your home, you can visit his page at Independent Animal Rescue or call 919-403-2221.