New House Rep. Meyer To Be Sworn In Thursday

CHAPEL HILL – Newly-appointed State House Representative Graig Meyer will take his oath of office Thursday, and State Senator Valerie Foushee, the last to hold the position, will swear him in.

Meyer takes Foushee’s place representing House District 50, which covers most of rural Orange and Northern Durham counties. He was appointed by a committee of Democratic Party officials in October.

Foushee herself went through a similar process when she was appointed in September to fill the N.C Senate District 23 seat left vacant by the resignation of Ellie Kinnaird.

Meyer’s swearing-in ceremony will take place Thursday at 6:30 at the historic courthouse in Hillsborough. WCHL’s Rachel Nash will be there to speak with Meyer. You can tune into the Friday Morning News for a full recap.

New NC House 50 Representative To Be Named Thursday

CHAPEL HILL – Thursday we’ll know who our next state representative will be.

When former State Senator Ellie Kinnaird resigned in August, it set in motion a chain of events that has led up to filling the now vacant North Carolina District 50 House of Representatives seat.

Someone will be chosen from a field of seven candidates to fill the position vacated by Valerie Foushee, which represents parts of Orange and Durham Counties.

In September, Foushee was appointed to the Senate District 23 seat, which was formerly held by Kinnaird, who resigned after 9 terms.  Kinnaird said that her time could be better spent outside the legislature lobbying for issues she feels strongly about, such as voter registration.

Five Orange County residents announced their intention to seek the House: Tommy McNeill; Chapel Hill Town Council member Laurin Easthom, who is not running for re-election to the Council; attorney Drew Nelson; Orange County Commissioner  Bernadette Pelissier; and Graig Meyer, Director of Student Equity and Volunteer Services for the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools System.

Two residents from Durham County are up for consideration: Travis Phelps, Foushee’s primary opponent from the House race last year; and Danielle Adams, a soil and water conservation supervisor.

Adams is currently seeking the North Carolina 6th Congressional District nomination as well.

A selection committee made up of four Democratic officials is charged with nominating the new House Representative on Thursday, Oct. 24, at the Orange County Public Library at 7:00 p.m.

WCHL’s Elizabeth Friend will be there to speak with our newly-named Representative.

You can tune into the WCHL Friday Morning News for a full recap.

Valerie Foushee Sworn In As NC Dist. 23 Senator

PITTSBORO – All the seats of your State Senate are once again full.

“Do you solemnly swear that you will be faithful in discharging the duties of your office as a member of the Senate of the 2013 General Assembly of the state of North Carolina to the best of your knowledge and ability so help you God?” Judge Beverly Scarlett asked.

“I do,” Sen. Foushee responded.

Valerie Foushee was sworn in to Senate District 23 representing Chatham and Orange counties Wednesday afternoon in the Chatham County Judicial Building.

She says her first item of business is to support the efforts her predecessor is currently putting forth.

“I think that all of us need to get behind Fmr. Sen. Kinnaird with her voter ID/voter registration project,” Sen. Foushee says. “We know that the ballot box is always the key and so, to ensure that every eligible voter has that right, that they have that opportunity, and that they are ready and prepared when the time comes.”

Sen. Foushee replaced Ellie Kinnaird who served District 23 for 16 years. Fmr. Sen. Kinnaird said there was nothing more she could do in the Senate, especially in the short session, with the Republican super majority. She said her time would be better spent outside the legislature lobbying for items she feels strongly about like the removal of the recent election reform law.

Fmr. Sen. Kinnaird was on hand and got a standing ovation as she walked to the podium to say a few words about her successor. She says she has the upmost confidence in her replacement.

“Oh, she is going to be a great voice for Orange and Chatham counties,” Fmr. Sen. Kinnaird says. “As I said, her values are the values of the people she represents. So, they can feel confident that their voice will be heard and their values will be expressed when she goes there. She’ll work very hard for them; she’s a hard worker.”

And, while Sen. Foushee says she’s 100 percent behind Fmr. Sen. Kinnaird’s efforts to fix what many Democrats believe are attacks on voting rights, she says there are other important issues going on while the legislature is on break that can’t be overlooked.

“With so much going on with DHHS, perhaps one of the things we need to do first is reconsider the Medicaid rejection,” Sen. Foushee says.

At noon, Sen. Foushee’s resignation from the State House District 50 seat took effect.

Now, the selection committee needs to be filled as it is missing one person. Chapel Hill’s Graig Meyer resigned his seat on the committee to seek the appointment to the House. Once the committee is filled, a date will be set to choose who will take the seat in the House.

Foushee To Be Sworn In Wednesday

CHAPEL HILL – Your new senator will take her seat Wednesday.

Judge Beverly Scarlett will swear in Valerie Foushee to the North Carolina Senate District 23 seat at 2:00 p.m. at the Chatham Courthouse. Foushee will hand deliver her letter of resignation from the House Wednesday, and the resignation will take effect at noon.

The appointment officially sets in motion the replacement process for the House District 50 seat. Five Orange County residents have announced their interest in filling the position that represents parts of Orange and Durham counties.