Adopt Marmite and Me Too: Irresistible Kittens

Today’s visitors to the studio were two of Independent Animal Rescue’s newest arrivals! Marmite and Me Too are adorable two-month-old kittens, and they’d be a perfect addition to any family. They bring opposite personalities: energetic Marmite loves to play with people, toys, and other animals; his white-bibbed sister Me Too is polite and curious, with a gentle soul. IAR always makes sure its kittens are adopted in pairs, so you could take home both of them! And you can meet them in person this week on Black (Cat) Friday at the South Square Petco in Durham.


Adopt Natasha: A Lively New Friend

Remember Boris? Today’s Adopt-a-Pet is his running buddy Natasha (any Rocky and Bullwinkle fans out there?). They grew up together in Chatham County, running around the countryside. Natasha is a big, strong hound/lab mix, full of love and energy. She’s only three years old and fully housebroken, so she’d be a great dog for an owner who doesn’t want to train up a puppy. To bring her into your life, visit

And while you’re there, don’t forget her friend Boris – he needs a home too!


Adopt A Pet – Meet Kimbo!

Kimbo is a 1 year old 60 pound male Pit Bull Terrier/Rottweiler Mix. He Loves being around adult humans and other dogs. Kimbo loves playing with other canines, chasing balls, and getting attention from all the other owners. He will hop up and down and give you the biggest smile EVER if you open the car door and look his way to let him know it’s playtime. He is loyal, attentive, playful, and calm. At home, he’s happy to spend most of his day chilling out on the couch. Kimbo is looking for a loving home like yours so be apart of adopt him today! You can find him at Independent Animal Rescue, which is a great organization located right nearby in Durham!