CHAPEL HILL – UNC Women’s Basketball Coach, Sylvia Hatchell, returned home after nearly a month at UNC Lineberger.

Coach Hatchell recently stepped aside as head coach for the time being when diagnosed with leukemia. But Coach Hatchell says she’s getting better.

“I’m doing great, the doctors, they can’t believe how well I’ve done and how I’ve taken the treatments and I’ve exercised every day, only one day did I not exercise, but I feel really good, my numbers are great right now, in fact their a whole lot better than when I came in here” Hatchell says.

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Coach Hatchell became the head coach for UNC women’s basketball in 1986.  She says that while at UNC Lineberger she has looked back and is proud of what she has done.

“Of course I’ve never taken for granted coaching and the players and the opportunities that I have here, but I treasure them even more now” Hatchell says.

Thursday was Coach Hatchell’s first day out of the UNC Lineberger center in a month, and she says she has plans to see her team.

“I can’t wait to go see my golden retriever, Matty, so I’m excited to see her; but I get to see the team this afternoon and we’re going to do a team building exercise together so that will be really special to see those kids and all that stuff” Hatchell states.

Coach Hatchell has a large following of fans and supporters that have been sending her mail and tweeting about her. She says that the support has been great.

“The outpouring of love and friendship and all has just been absolutely unbelievable, and I’m not out of the woods yet with everything and so we got to continue, the biggest thing is I just need people praying for me” Hatchell says.