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Pizza Pie and Pets at Goathouse Refuge

Pizza Pie and Pets at Goathouse Refuge

Who can resist homemade Italian pizza, especially when it helps the cats and kittens at Goathouse Refuge? If you missed the event but would like to help, please visit them at


  1. Larry Vellani

    … as always, Susan, these fotos are so evocative as well as sure-fire documentation of the afternoon … in re the musicians, their names (from left to right) were Sherry White Lea, Graham, NC; Larry Vellani, Mebane, NC; and Chuck Hodson, Mebane, NC–members of the extended-musical ensemble, Mebanesville … … la musica continua …

  2. Aaron Harmon

    Great pictures of the event! Please allow me to correct one of the captions and correctly identify the musicians. Pictured playing are from left to right are Sherry White Lea, Larry Vellani and Chuck Hodson. The only instrument Aaron can play is the radio!

  3. Siglinda

    Thank you SP!!! As always your photos are wonderful and give a real sense of the event. It was a lot of fun! We will have another one very soon, in the meantime put on your calendar October 4th! It will be a wonderful surprise….


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